Strategic Consulting

  • Business strategies
  • Organisational and operational efficiency
  • Sustainability strategies
  • PR and marketing strategies

Our strategic consulting services are designed to meet the unique needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Knowing where to focus your efforts and how to make the most of your resources can be challenging when you have a restricted budget and a market that is changing quickly. A solid and well-designed strategy, however, can be an essential tool to navigate the unique set of challenges and opportunities you face.

Our strategic planning approach includes discovering your business, industry, and competition, creating goals and objectives, action planning, and implementing the stated plan to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.

Whether you are just getting started or looking to improve your current strategy, we take the time to get to know you and your business, working closely with you to understand your challenges, opportunities, and goals.

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Project Management

  • Strategy realization
  • Business project management
  • IT project management
  • Change management

We are here to support you in all aspects and to expand your project delivery capability, whether it is rescuing a project that is off course or enhancing your team with additional resources.

We assist you with planned or ongoing projects such as adopting new software, processes, or strategies, or managing complex organisational changes. We can take on a variety of responsibilities as a member of your project committee, including general management, quality management, process analytics, change management, and staff coaching. We collaborate closely with your company’s key divisions to optimise your goals, requirements, and processes and make them more efficient.

Example projects are strategic projects to implement the defined corporate strategy, (e.g. milestone & process development, change management from business units to individual employees) and operational projects to achieve business goals (e.g. Software implementation or upgrade of ERP, CRM or DMS system – in particular Expert Aderant, iManage, Interaction).


Process Improvement

  • Operational process improvement
  • Service delivery & customer experience improvement

Continuous process improvement is an essential exercise for any organisation as it strives to decrease costs and inefficiencies while accelerating growth. Simplifying workflows, reducing errors, adapting to the market, and improving consumer satisfaction are all difficult tasks to keep up with.

We collaborate with our clients to identify inefficiencies and create solutions to improve overall performance. Typically, this includes assessing and analysing existing processes, designing solutions, implementing and monitoring recommended improvements, and making adjustments as needed.


Business Intelligence

  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Asset tracing
  • Due diligence

You want to sue a corporation in England rather than the Caribbean, and you are looking for a common thread. You wish to locate assets in order to seize them in a judicial procedure to ensure that the counterparty does not depart without paying. You are intrigued about the previously unknown firm that won the multibillion-dollar contract you pitched for, and you want to know how they achieved it without any staff or money. You want to learn more about your new client or business partner, or whether a person or corporation exists and if any assets exist.

We know where to look in open sources and databases all across the world for such information. We will locate all relevant information and give all necessary documents and proofs for you, all of which will be compiled in a report for any use you may require. If we are unable to access the requested information for whatever reason, our global network will assist us in locating it anywhere in the world.

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ESG Strategy

  • ESG status quo assessment
  • ESG strategy recommendation
  • ESG implementation
  • ESG reporting

Status quo assessment
ESG status quo assessment and determination of ambition level (gap analysis). Actual analysis of your company by means of checklists and interviews on the status quo in the most important and relevant ESG areas. Basis for the development and implementation of your ESG strategy.

Elaboration of ESG recommendations report (strategy) 
Available in the variants: Simple (“E”), Intermediate (“ESG”), Advanced (plus inputs for new services and opportunities to influence up- and downstream). Recommendation of priorities as well as opportunities and risks of possible ESG strategies. Recommendation of the ESG framework most applicable to your organization. Recommendation of actions with external impact and implementation of desired goals, including optimisation of the environmental footprint through reduction and offsetting.

ESG implementation 
Training Compliance Basics. Training of your employees on sustainability and compliance standards.​ Creation of a tailor-made Compliance Sustainability Guideline. Review of your internal processes regarding sustainability standards. Checklist for your supply chain with respect to sustainability standards (KVI). Third Party ESG: Checklist for your business partners, customers & suppliers with respect to ESG requirements.

ESG reporting 
ESG reporting & compliance sustainabiltiy guideline. Support in setting up your reporting structure. Support in the development and implementation of an ESG stakeholder communication strategy.

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